Flaxseed Meal Recipes

Incorporate Healthy Flaxseed Meal Recipes  For Your Good Health

Flaxseed Meal RecipesFlaxseed meal recipes are very nutritious because it has lots of healthy fat and fibers but very low in carbohydrates. They have a nutty flavor and very tasty. Try to get more flax into your diet. Flax seed is very rich in fiber. While eating flax, you can drink lots of fluid. In order to get more benefits, you can grind flax seed and combine it into your meal.

There are different tasty and easy ways of adding flaxseed meal into your diet. You can mix it with other foods such as cottage cheese and fruit, yogurt and fruit and others. You can also put it in shakes or smoothies. Another way is to add it into the muffin, pancake and other bakes goods however you will have to add some water.

You can make several flaxseed meal recipes. One of them is the savory instant porridge. First, you are going to pour some boiling water over the flaxseed meal in order to make it look like a porridge which can be flavored. The amount of water will vary according to your taste. The ideal amount of water would be twice the amount of your flaxseed meal. You can add a pinch of salt and a little sweetener to make it sweet and savory. The porridge will thicken for a couple of minutes because the flax seeds will absorb the water. If it is too thick then you can add some more water.

Flax seeds can also be added with berries, peanut butter and cinnamon, chopped nuts, chopped peaches, chopped apples and cinnamon, unsweetened coconut, sugar-free jam and any types of nut butter. You can also combine it with butter, cinnamon and sweetener. Another way is to add a sugar free maple syrup or any other types of sugar-free syrups to it. If you want a deluxe version then you can try adding sugar-free chocolate with coconut into it. Another combination is to add some shredded cheese, shredded cheese and chives, cheese and garlic, butter or sugar-free jam and coconut milk.

Flax seed can also be the basis for some delicious flaxseed meal recipes. You can try having apple flax muffins, flax seed peanut butter hoe cereal, flax seed Focaccia style bread and miracle brownies. You can also try having a fax seed meal breakfast microwave pudding. You can make shake recipes such as breakfast shake and other types of delicious shakes.

The chocolate flax muffins are also another great recipe. These muffins are so chocolaty and moist and yet very healthy too. This is a great low carb treat which is great for those people who are conscious about their weight. You can have the choice of buying your pre-ground flax meal or you can do the grinding yourself. You can also grind the almonds in a blender by gradually putting a handful of it at a time then pulse the blender. Avoid running it continuously or else you will end up having an almond butter. Aside from these recipes, you can also create your very own.

Flaxseed Meal Recipes