Flaxseed Meal Nutrition

Discover The Amazing Flaxseed Meal Nutrition For Your Healthy Body

flaxseed meal nutritionFlax is a plant which is usually grown for the purpose of producing linseed oil, which is an ingredient for inks, varnishes and paints. However, flax seeds can also bring great benefits to humans because it contain proteins, vitamins, fibers, minerals and most of all omega-3 fatty acids. Flax seed meal tastes like a nutty flavor which can also be used as an alternative for eggs when baking. You can also sprinkle flax seed meal into your yogurt or you can choose to eat it as is. Flaxseed meal can be bought in any health food stores. People can benefit from flaxseed meal nutrition because each 3 tbsp serving can give you 112 calories.

Flaxseed meal nutrition also consist protein. Protein is a great nutrient which can repair and maintain tissues, cells and organs. The National Academies’ Institute of Medicine recommends that women should have a daily protein of 46 g while men should have 56 g. The 3 tbsp serving of flax seed meal already contains 3.84 g of protein. However, the protein in flax seed meal is incomplete because it lacks one or several essential amino acids.

The great flaxseed meal nutrition is its rich in dietary fiber. This dietary fiber is responsible for maintaining your digestive health. This means that your insulin concentrations and blood glucose will be regulated. It can also lower your blood cholesterol levels. According to the Institute of Medicine, every adult needs to have 25 g to 38 g of daily fiber. Every 3 tbsp of flaxseed meal can give you 5.7 g of fiber. The best thing about dietary fiber is it can prevent constipation and can decrease the risk of diverticular disease.

Flaxseeds are a great source of fats, specifically the omega-3 polyunsaturated fats. For each 3 tbsp flaxseed meal, you can obtain 8.9 g of total fats. Omega-3 fats can lessen inflammation and decrease the risk of chronic diseases such as arthritis, cancer and heart disease. According to the Institute of Medicine, every adult needs to have 20 g to 35 g of daily fat.

Flaxseed meal is also a great source of thiamine which is a vitamin B. This vitamin is significant in the enzymes function which contributes to energy metabolism. If you eat a 3 tbsp of flaxseed meal then you already have 0.35 mg of thiamine. Men need a daily dosage of 1.2 mg of thiamine while women need 1.1 mg of thiamine, according to the Institute of Medicine. Flaxseed meal can also give you folate, vitamin B-6 as well as pantothenic acid.

Flaxseed meal can also give you iron. This mineral is an important component for producing red blood cells. According to the Institute of Medicine, men need 8 mg of iron daily while women need 18 mg. For every 3 tbsp serving of flax seed meal you can already have 1.2 mg of iron. Flaxseed meal also contains a high volume of magnesium, which is an important mineral for your kidney, heart and muscle function. If you eat 3 tbsp serving of flaxseed meal then you can have 82 mg of magnesium. This amount is equivalent to 26 percent for women and 20 percent for men.

 Flaxseed Meal Nutrition